Still not finding what you are looking for?

We get it. We understand that finding that right therapist for you or your loved one is so very important, and we still want to help. Below are some suggestions and links to other websites that may be able to lead you in the right direction.

Word of Mouth

  • PCP
    • If you haven't already, may we suggest reaching out to your doctor, GP, or child's pediatrician for referrals. Often times, your primary care physician knows of one or two therapists in your area that specialize in your mental health issue. If they do not, they can call Access Mental-Health project and connect you with a social worker who will help get you connected.
  • School Psychologist, Campus Health Clinic
    • You can also reach out to your child's school social worker, psychologist or guidance counselor. They may have a list of therapists in your area that they know and can refer you to. If you are a college student, you can visit your campus' health clinic for a free consultation and if needed, a referral to a community mental health provider.
  • Social Services Department at your Town Hall
    • Most, if not all, Connecticut Town Halls have a social services department that offers mental health consultation and referral services to its community.

Your Health Insurance Company

  • You can call or visit your health insurance's website to find a list of therapists in your area that are "in-network" with your insurance. These lists are not always kept current, but can offer a starting place, especially if you are concerned with the financial cost related to seeking mental health treatment.

Other Online Referral Resources

  • Family Consultants of Westport -
    • "Family Consultants of Westport is a vital premier mental health service which provides invaluable expertise and case management for adults, children and families who are searching for a therapist or other mental health support. As licensed mental health professionals, we offer personalized referrals to the right-fit mental health providers for a client's needs, making therapy more efficient and effective from the start."
  • -
    • Resource for couples with relationship issues
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) -
    • This alliance offers a wealth of resources for individuals and their families who are dealing with a mental illness. This is a great resource for support groups, research and educational information.
  • Psychology Today -
  • -
  • Therapy Den -
  • Thriving Campus -
    • This is another resource for college students looking to access mental health treatment