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Bridge to Recovery

A bridge stood in front of me - my bridge. The wooden oak planks that covered the bridge were old and unused. At both ends of the bridge stood two short cement pillars which supported the bridge. They stood tall and strong. Two pillars were also in the middle of the bridge so that it wouldn't crumble under the pull of the river. Fields of grain stood on one end and as the wind passed, the grain shimmered in the evening sun. At my end, behind me was a forest that was in flames. The bridge was not very tall but it was high enough that a fast river could pass beneath it. If you were to fall in, you'd never be able to get back up. ...more


The Difference Between "Time-Out" and "Taking Space"

As a therapist who works with parents struggling to manage their child's behaviors more effectively, I often hear the complaint that goes something like this:

"We put Timmy in a time-out but it doesn't seem to be working at all."

This always comes with a tone of desperation and frustration from the parent(s) because what they are really asking me is "What is wrong with my child that the one 'go-to' discipline strategy doesn't work for us when it seems to work for every other child on the planet?" ...more